Digital Eagle is my, Stephen Phillips’, personal blog. I am a programmer and a Dad, and so, the blog will contain a lot about computers and and a lot about my son. Other items of personal interest are not off topic as well.

If you would prefer to just keep up with Kent (and miss out on all of the wonderful computer talk), you can just follow the “Kent Update” category. These posts will be mostly pictures and some quick information on Kent as he grows.  Another category that might include a few more posts about the family in general (maybe including pets) is “Family Update“.

The intended audience is family and friends, but anyone is welcome. The thought is that this is slightly easier than trying to email everyone with pictures and updates as Kent grows.

Tools Used In Conjunction with this Blog

I like the way Lincoln Mullen documents the tools he uses on his blog, ΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ, with a section called “Colophon“. I have been able to learn from him and use some of the same tools. So, here is my list of tools in case it is helpful to anyone else. (And, to give me a link to find those tools again.)

Gimp: a photo editing program — free and open source; very powerful, but can take some learning — used for cropping photos, taking screen shots, etc.

FireFox: a free, open source browser — allows me to open in the same window the blog and other sites that I want to link to or comment about; since version 2 it checks spelling as you type

Google Reader: allows me to keep up with other blogs (See my post: Computer Tip: Keeping Up with Blogs)

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