We watched Courageous with our boys the other day, and they became instant Robert Amaya fans.  They love this scene.

Each year, I enjoy the jokes that the companies put out on the Internet.  Here’s my list… Google Cardboard Plastic I think this is my favorite joke: Google Cardboard Plastic […]

I came across this article the other day: Fox News: Bin Laden claimed $29M fortune, wanted it used ‘on jihad’ This quote caught my attention: “If I am to be killed,” […]

I ran across this article talking about technology being developed to attempt to take subs at a supersonic speed. Engadget: Supersonic subs look to cross the Pacific in under two hours […]

I ran across this really cool idea of a bike that grows with you.  It starts as a walking bike to teach the kids balance.  Then, you can reassemble it […]