Kids Club Ideas

This upcoming semester has been tough to figure out what theme to do next. We’ve been pretty distracted recently, so that doesn’t help, but I’ve also not had something stand out to me like the previous couple of semesters. So, here’s some thoughts. Maybe these thoughts will help others as well.


News Commentary: Does Tom Brady Deserve Stimulus?

This morning, this article about Tom Brady showed up on my Google Feed, and it made for some good discussion with my boys. The article brings up a good topic about whether rich people deserve stimulus. The basic premise is that Tom Brady’s company received a PPP loan, and then he went out and bought a yacht! I haven’t followed Football, much less Tom Brady, but I think there’s still a point to be made.

USA Today: Tom Brady purchased a multi-million-dollar boat after company received $960K PPP loan

Let’s unpack this a little…


Rant: Health Lab Testing Costs

My son’s last visit typifies one of the biggest problems with the American Healthcare System today. The doctor requested that we have routine lab work done to establish a baseline. We were sent to Quest Diagnostics and were expected to just schedule an appointment and get the blood drawn with no questions asked.

Wait a minute! What about the cost? How much do I have to pay for this little blood draw? Apparently, that’s an unacceptable question, and I think that’s a major problem with our whole healthcare system. Everything is deemed a necessity and we expect that our insurance provider will just pay for it.


Maintaining a Family from the Road — Tips and Tricks

Can a Christian Dad work a travelling job?

Years ago, I probably would have said “No”. Parenting, and marriage for that matter, needs to take priority. It requires active participation. Just sending in a paycheck doesn’t get the job done. Through the years working as a consultant, I could point to many examples of families that failed under the strain of working apart.

Then, it happened to me! God has given me training and talent in a niche software that has few jobs in the area we live. My work-from-home job fell apart, and I was left with 2 weeks to find another job. A travel contract seemed the only option.

I spoke with many friends who had done some sort of travel successfully and got many good tips. I’d like to share what I learned in case there are others going through the same thing.