Fun Fact: New Use for Diapers!

I just found a new use for our old diapers!  Zillow just published an interesting list of homes that are “Green”.  I am not sure they are affordable, but they sure are interesting to look at. Zillow Blog: Green Homes: From Typical (Solar Panels) to Wacky (Recycled Diaper Roof)

Fun Fact: You Can Do Old Things In New Ways

I’m not sure I endorse the sponsor of the Video, but Engadget pointed me to this fun thought.  Do you think we can get Medival Times to add Segway Jousting to their routine? Now, this isn’t quite as theatrical, but it looks more like a real event:

AFA: BuyCott Chick-fil-A

AFA is calling for a BuyCott of Chick-fil-A next week.  Notice this is BUY not boycott!  It is designed as a reaction to some activist who don’t appreciate the pro-family stand that Chick-fil-A has taken. AFA: Eat Mor Chikin! – BuyCott Chick-fil-A next week Also, check out the campaign’s home page: Read more…

Bible Memory Tips

Teaching kids Bible verses seems like a daunting task.  Sometimes the task is as hard on the thumbs as asking a programmer to hammer a nail.  I thought repetition was the key.  Read the verse over and over.  The kids say the verse over and over.  After you have read the verse Read more…