Computers: Browser Quest

I ran across this new game online.  Apparently, Mozilla is showing off new HTML5 technology, but it is still kind of fun to play. You can read about it here: Engadget: Mozilla releases BrowserQuest for HTML5 gamers and warriors (video) Or better yet, play it here: Browser Quest — Play Read more…

Doodling for Googling

Do you have any kids that can doodle?  Check this out: Doodle 4 Google You can win scholarship money and grant money for your school in this contest where you draw one of the logos for Google’s Home page.  We’ll see it on May 20th of this year.

Computers: Flu Trends

I thought Google’s Flu Trends was an interesting approach.  The Google Operating System Blog pointed out that Google has expanded to tracking Mexico with the Swine Flu.  With Flu being in the news so much, I wonder if that impacts the accuracy.

Giving Presentations

Recently, I picked up several good links about giving presentations.  So, in order to not forget them, here they are: The Pythian Group: How to Have a Good Presentation (Download slides, they have some good info) Talented Apps: “Made to Stick” will help you with Presentation Zen (I haven’t read Read more…