I remember going through the ride at Epcot in Disney Land and seeing the kids talking on video chats across the world.  Now, it is no big deal.  I have Skype on my laptop, and we chat periodically with the video.  We were just chatting with my sister in Chicago the other day.  For a while, I was turning on the video when chatting with some of my clients at work.

This article reminds me that there is more to come:

Engadget: Skype video calling coming to Android, demoed on the Droid Bionic

Soon, this sort of video chatting will be common even out and about.  I have read about cell phones with two cameras, one on the front and one on the back.  One would be for taking pictures of things to share with others and the other would be for pictures/video of ourselves.

We are just starting the information age.  Technology is exciting.  We have unbelievable amounts of information at our finger tips.  The challenge is how do we consume it and manage it in a practical and God-honoring way?


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