Great Links

Jesus Loves Me

A co-worker sent me an email with new words to the song Jesus Loves Me.  When I looked them up online, I had no idea so many variations existed.  I like this verse: Jesus loves me, this I know, Though my hair is white as snow. Though my sight is Read more…

Fun Fact

I guess duct tape can fix a plane!

This article caught my attention, particularly because one of my co-workers had flown a plane like this in Alaska.  He didn’t have this kind of trouble though! Times Live: Grizzly bear eats aeroplane in Alaska Neatorama: Bear Tore Into Your Airplane? Duct Tape to the Rescue! Comanchemarketing: Duct tage save the day

Great Links

Electric Vehicles

Today, I saw a couple of articles on electric vehicles.  These have always fascinated me; maybe one day, it will make sense for me to own one! Engadget: Mavizen’s electric bike hits 130 MPH, ships with Linux and WiFi The idea of any vehicle with Linux sound cool to me! Read more…


Fun New Gadgets

Here are a couple of links that caught my eye: Cell phone car starter I would love to me able to start my car from inside the house or from a distance, but living in Florida, it’s not worth paying for.  Why can’t all the cars just run Linux, and Read more…

Bible Study

Bible Study: Balaam

Our Sunday School lesson this past week was about Balaam.  Here are some of my thoughts about this person of the Bible. Bible Passage:  Numbers 22 – 24 Here is my MIT (Most Important Thing) to communicate to the kids (Can you have two things?): 1.  Obey the first time: Read more…


Lessons from the New Born

Just taking a minute to reflect on some of the things that we have learned through the birth of Clay.  Here are some of the thoughts: Everyone/Every pregnancy is different We heard horror stories from others (we probably told a few ourselves), but it is important to remember that those Read more…