Bible Study


Yesterday morning in church, Pastor challenged us to try to think of 10 reasons or 10 things we are looking forward to in heaven. The premise behind his message was that heaven is not a place where we will be bored playing harps on a cloud but a place to Read more…

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Great Link: Things about Blogging

I found this post very helpful: Tim Bray: Things about Blogging This article had some very good thoughts about blogging.  It was kind of encouraging.  I like the thoughts about being funny — I have noticed that I enjoy reading the articles that include a little bit of silliness along with Read more…

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News Commentary

Helping Japan

I think it is cool to see how many different ways people join together to help in time of need.  This disaster in Japan is no different. Of course, there are many different charities and places to donate, but the most creative I think was Google’s new person finder service. Read more…

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Technology: Leasing Batteries

These electric cars have interested me for a while. It was the Tesla that first caught my eye, and now it seems we are seeing them all over the place. This news item caught my eye this morning: Engadget: Better Place swappable EV batteries priced, Renault is definitely onboard They are Read more…

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