These electric cars have interested me for a while. It was the Tesla that first caught my eye, and now it seems we are seeing them all over the place.

This news item caught my eye this morning:

Engadget: Better Place swappable EV batteries priced, Renault is definitely onboard

They are talking about leasing the battery to you.  My question is do you save that much over a traditional gas motor when you have to pay $300 per month just for use of the battery?  The $550 per month sounds nice for unlimited mileage, but I bet that was close to what I used to spend on my truck each month for gas if not more.

I checked the website of the Better Place company, and it looks like they are starting in California and Hawaii.

On another note, I saw some sales figures for the Leaf and Volt:

Engadget: Electric car sales watch: 281 Volts and 67 Leafs sold in US during February

This makes it sound real, although I haven’t seen one on the road yet.


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