Month: November 2011

Fun Fact: Do you Lightning Paper?

I came across this interesting Google Tech Talk today about the Cherokee Nation and computers.  I learned that E-Mail is translated into Cherokee as Lightning Paper.  I wonder what spam is?

The other thing that I learned was the way that the Cherokees have adopted technology.  It was interesting to see them using iPhones and video chat.  I also learned that they were one of the first to adopt the telephone because they could use it in their own language.

I take for granted the fact that English is everywhere.  I can go to almost any store that sells computer accessories and find a handful of keyboard options.  I can’t imagine having to using a phone or onscreen keyboard just because a regular keyboard is not available.

Great Link: DeLorean Makes a Come Back

1981 Delorean via
via Wikipedia

According to Engadget, the DeLorean car is attempting to make a come back.

Engadget: DeLorean DMC-12 EV announced for 2013 production, Doc Brown’s whip gets real… electric

The cool part is the new car will be all electric.  Unfortunately, it is not food or trash powered.  Maybe they should get together with “Researchers at the University of Warwick”.  If they can create a chocolate-powered car, maybe they can create a Back to the Future car.

From what I can tell, it is scheduled for release in 2013.  The cost is estimated between $90,000 and $100,000.

According to the sources, this car is coming from the combined efforts of The DeLorean Motor Company based out of Houston and Epic EV.