Month: February 2007

Fun Fact — Wireless Electricity

It might just be possible!

I first read about it in this article:
‘Wireless power’ could save the day

Company web site:
eCoupled website

Is it possible that we won’t need batteries for our electric cars in the future? The cars will just have an antenna, and instead of stopping at the gas station, we’ll just pay the transportation electric bill.

This would be great for the laptop. I can access the Internet without a cord, but I still have to be close to a power outlet if I am going to be there for more than a few hours. With wireless power, the laptop would truly have no strings attached.

Baby Update: No Bumper

We have officially removed the bumper from Kent’s crib. We were reading about how babies can use the bumper as a step to climb out of the crib. Now, that Kent is moving about more, we thought it is probably time.

The first few nights were a little rough. Kent would wake himself up by bumping his head on the bars or getting a hand or foot stuck through the sides, but he seems to be used to it now.

We have walked into the room once only to find Kent on his knees looking over the edge. The only times he has been standing like this picture is when we stood him up like that. We shall see how long it takes for him to do it himself.