Great Link: Lightning Detector

We were just talking about lightning the other day, and I ran into this article on Engadget:

Engadget: Watch lightning strike around the world in real time

The article is talking about the website.

Lightning Map

A better implementation of the map is located at:


Some apps for your phone do exist, too.

Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

This is cool because I was just wishing that I had a way to determine how close the lightning was.  We were swimming and watching the storms brew trying to figure out when we needed to get out of the pool.  I wished that I had an alarm that would alert me when the lightning was too close for safety.  I think the first Android app on their list might take care of that wish!

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  1. The basic circuit above is combined with any of the following circuits to complete the lightning detector. The prototype used the 5 volt lamp driver, meter circuit, and speaker circuit.

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