Month: November 2007

Family Update: Christmas is Coming

We have been decorating the house, and that means bringing out all of the animated stuffed characters.  We have the singing dogs, the singing angel, the dancing snowmen, etc.

Kent is taking it all in stride.  His favorite seems to be the sled with the Penguin, Snowman, and dog.  The penguin vibrates, the snowman waves, and the dog shakes his head.  After the first time, Kent was squeezing the penguin’s hand to get it to go again.  I think he tried both of the penguins hands until Lorraine showed him that he just had to squeeze the snowman’s hand.  How does he know you squeeze the characters’ hands to get them to sing?

Anyway, we are having a blast watching him dance to all the musical characters.


Here is Kent’s favorite:

Family Update: Thanksgiving

This year Thanksgiving was great for the most part. We all spent the day at Lorraine’s parents house. Kent ate the attention up with both sets of grandparents to entertain.

The down side of the holiday was that the whole family is fighting colds. Kent went to the doctor not too long before and was diagnosed with an ear infection. Then, Lorraine and I both came done with a cold shortly afterward. My parents helped out with watching Kent while we were recovering.

As a result, Kent spent about three nights at my parents house. By the third day, I think he had learned to say “Go, Mama” when going to the door. But, Kent played hard during that time.

Well, I am still waiting for the pictures from Thanksgiving day. My batteries were dead, and so, I just asked the others to email the pictures to me. Until then, here is a picture from the air show: