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Pictures and updates on Kent and his growth

Kent Update: Easter

Okay, a little late, but here are the Easter pictures.

First up, Kent has his new Easter suit on, but I am not sure he is quite awake yet!  Notice, he always has to have something in his hands.SuitInChair

Then, on the way to church, Kent wore his sun glasses.


Here is the whole family after church.


Of course, we did have the annual Easter egg hunt.  Notice the Easter Lily didn’t quite make it for Easter.  In fact, as far as I know, those Lilies haven’t bloomed yet!  Also, notice the “boy” egg in the background!  I liked the basketball ones better.

The kids had their chance at hiding the eggs too.  They can come up with creative hiding places but maybe not the hardest places.EggsOnTheCar

Kent Update: Kent’s Room

This is a little late, but here are some pictures from Kent’s room.  We finally got the appliqués up and the room is finished.

We put some of the cars out that Lorraine’s parent’s got from a garage sale.


Here is the corner with the rocking chair.


Here is Kent’s bed.  We tried to get him to pose.


Here is Kent’s toy bin.  He actually does a decent job with keeping his room clean. Although, he doesn’t spend a lot of non-sleeping time in it.


Kent Update: Lowry Park

Last Saturday, we went to Lowry Park Zoo with my parents and had a blast.  Here are some of the pictures from the trip:

Kent really loved the Manatees, or at least talked about them a lot.  He always says that they were eating their supper.

manatee by you.

Kent got to see the tiger up close and personal.

tiger by you.

Kent also liked the Penguins. He always says they were going in circles.

penguin by you.

Kent played in the water too. The water jets were his favorite. He would stand and just hit the water. Every once in a while, he would be too close when it would shoot out.

water by you.