Month: June 2011

Again, Google Stay Out of the Culture War

Over a month ago, a commercial caught my eye and prompted me to post about the direction Google has taken.  But again, I ran across another article talking Google’s support of the Gay community:

Google Operating System: Google’s Gay Rainbow

My request is not that they discriminate against these people but that they stay neutral on this topic.  If you agree, please visit AFA’s site where you can take action:

One Million Moms: Google and Disney are Not Getting Better!

If you would like more information about this activist movement, please view:

Family Research Council: The Top Ten Myths about Homosexuality

Plus One Tracking

At last!  Google has announce the ability to track the Plus One clicks.  I had added the +1 button a while back, but I was disappointed to find that I really couldn’t find out who likes or recommends which pages.

Now, according to these links, I can:

Now, I just need some data to look at!  Someone recommend me so I can see it work!

Google Plus One Button

Google just realeased the +1 button where you can recommend articles to other people.  So, you should begin to see this button on my blogs.  I think I finally have it turned on everywhere.  If you see an article that helps you, or that you like, please recommended it!  If you don’t see the button, please comment and let me know so I can ad it.

Here’s what your looking for:

Google Plus One Button Highlighted on This Blog

If you want to see a list of posts that you have recommended, you can view it on your profile.  Here’s a shortcut:

Google Profile: +1 Tab

I learned from AG Beat, that you can install an extension to be able to +1 any site regardless of having a button or not.  I am still experimenting to see how it works as to showing you how many likes you have.  What I want is a statistic built into Google Analytics or some other site showing which pages are recommended more.  I found this hack that might do the trick, but I haven’t tried it yet.

If you want my technical details on how I added the button to my site, check out my post on Linux Sagas.

Resources Widgets

Fun Fact: I Can Go To the Moon; Will You Sponsor Me?

I came across this article a while back and it gave me a great idea!  Here it is: I sign up for the moon trip, I blog through trip, and the blog ads pay the fare.  What do you think?  Do they have wireless on the moon?

Engadget: Space Adventures will shoot you (and your ego) to the moon for $150 million

If you want to explore more, here’s the company’s website:

Space Adventures

Maybe I should just stick with visiting the moon via Google Earth.  Virtual is a little easier on the pocket book and a lot less risky!

The Moon in Google Earth
The Moon in Google Earth

Great Link: Jesus 2020

I was looking at my blog today, and I saw an ad for Jesus 2020.  I didn’t click on the ad, but I visited the site, and I liked what I saw.  That is the kind of thing I want to advertise!

So, here’s a permanent ad for a great website:

Jesus 2020

By the way, any feedback on my blog and advertising is always appreciated.  If you see an inappropriate ad, please let me know.

Swallow-tailed Kites

We have seen this Swallow-tailed kite several years in a row.  From the links below, I learned that these birds migrate across the Gulf of Mexico going through Cuba.  And I think our road trips to North Carolina are rough!

What it looks like flying:

From Myakka Park:

Read More:

If you see one, you can report it here:

Avian Conservation Center

You can hear their call at the:

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Here are some great pictures: