At church, we are doing a race similar to the Awana Grand Prix or the Pinewood Derby. Here are some links to where you can get the cars:

In years past, the instructions and rules came with the cars. Now, that you can get the cars anywhere, here are the official rules that we will go by.

We would like for the cars to be built by the clubber with the assistance of parents. Clubbers should do as much of the work as they safely can. Our track has lane strips to keep cars in their proper lanes.

Racing Specifications

  1. Overall length shall not exceed 7″.
  2. Overall width shall not exceed 2.75″.
  3. Overall height shall not exceed 3″ in order not to interfere with the finish line
  4. The distance between the wheels (side to side) cannot be less than 14″ or the car will not fit on the track.
  5. Car weight should not be more than the official weight block (5 oz). Weight may be added to lighter cars by hollowing out cavities and inserting lead or another metal. Such additions must be built securely into the car.
  6. Wheel bearings, bushings, washers and springs are prohibited.
  7. Addition of decals, driver, steering wheel, car trim, accessories and painting is permitted as long as they do not cause car to exceed specified dimensions or weight.
  8. Starting devices are prohibited. Car must be freewheeling.
  9. Car must pass inspection in categories of weight, length, width, height. Will will try to have a repair station to fix any infractions.
  10. To prevent the bottom of car from rubbing on the land dividers, be sure clearance is 3/8″ minimum.
  11. At the start of a race, the entire car must stage behind the starting pin. No part of the car can extend over the top of the starting pin.
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