Fun Fact

Fun Fact: Nerds Like to Have Fun!

One of the things that I learned in creating this website is the robots.txt file.  It gives instructions to automated software that reads the website for purposes of indexing it to provide searching capabilities.  You can tell people like Google with parts of the site you want them to access Read more…

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Bible Study

Bible Study: May 21st Beliefs

Family Radio's message reached me via the Internet first, but I didn't realize they had one of their billboards right near our house:

Judgment Day Billboard

So, I decided to explore their beliefs and learn exactly what they are saying.  Why do they believe the judgment will come on May 21st?


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Great Links

Need a House In Chicago?

If you feel like moving to Chicago, I can recommend this house.  For that matter, I can recommend the family currently living there.  But, they won’t be there long, so I have to recommend their house: Check out this online brochure.

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