Some commercials are hilarious, some are annoying, but we saw a commercial last night that was disturbing.  Google used one of their Chrome commercials to support the “It Gets Better” YouTube channel.  You can read more about it here:

Mashable: Google Chrome Commercial Lets Gay Teens Know “It Gets Better” [VIDEO]

I agree with the messages that you should not commit suicide and hatred is not excused, but I can’t agree with the life style. AFA has called for the boycott of Home Depot for entering the culture war.  Is Google next?  I really like Google Chrome, and Google’s IO got me more excited about their developments.  While AdSense is not doing all I hoped it would on my website, it is working nicely.  I don’t want that technology on a side I cannot support.

If I could send one message to Google, I would say to choose other good causes to support with your commercials.  What about Cancer Research?  Starvation? The Japanese Tsunami situation?  I enjoyed both the Dear Sophie commercial and the Google speed test one.

Update: AFA has a website where you can take action: One Million Moms: Google and Disney are Not Getting Better!

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