I’m tired of seeing just the cases and deaths statistics. Every once in a while a number of people recovered has been encouraging. But, I’d like to see other statistics. Here’s one that’s really interesting. Google and Unacast are analyzing cell phone location data to determine how well we are staying home and obeying the quarantine.

The Uncast numbers are the ones that I saw first. Their visualization is really cool. Here’s Florida’s current result:

Florida Social Distancing Scoreboard

You can see New York in comparison. The big question is going to be whether or not we will follow their pattern.

New York Social Distancing Scoreboard

Finally, my biggest curiosity is how Wyoming will fare. I didn’t spend much time researching, but at first glance, it looks like they are scoring the worst. So, will they have a bigger, more out of control outbreak?

Wyoming Social Distancing Scoreboard

Google seems to break things out a little more into categories of where people are going. Here’s Florida’s current report:

3/29 US Mobility Report

I almost thought New York started reducing their movements a little sooner than we did, but it’s hard to tell with the different graphs. I think in most areas, it seems like they reduced their movement more.

3/29 US Mobility Report

Here’s the Wyoming Report. From Google’s view, I can’t tell a big difference from Florida. Transit and Parks are different though.

3/29 US Mobility Report

So, you’ll have to keep watching and see how we do with sticking to this social distancing effort.


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