Month: April 2009

Fun Fact: One more reason to be a doctor!

Engadget wrote this interesting article:

Gamers make better surgeons, study says

Doing a quick search reveals that Engadget wasn’t the only one who published such articles:

MSNBC: Surgeons may err less by playing video games

USA Today: Studies: Video games can make better students, surgeons

So, I am waiting for the studies that show that games make better programmers, or for Lorraine, time on the computer makes better husbands!  I won’t hold my breath though.

Fun Fact: Our Next Car?

Ever since my Uncle told me about the company Telsa, they have interested me.  Engadget just published this article about the price of their new car, the Model S.

Engadget: Tesla CEO says Model S isn’t really expensive, when you think about it

Engadget seems to be doing to good job of keeping us up to date, so stay tuned.

This car looks exciting.  Could it really be our next car?  Well, judging from the fact that it hasn’t even hit the assembly line, I think it will be very hard to find on the used car lot!

Fun Fact: Beware of Your GPS!

We have always thought it would be fun to give GPS systems a personality.  Rather than these nice robot sounding voices that say “Make a U-Turn at the next location”, we would laugh at something that would say, “Hey! Hey! You missed your turn!  Where did you learn to drive?  You need to be going the other direction!”

But, I don’t know if I ever would have taken it this far.  A GPS that tries to run you off the side of a mountain!?

Engadget: Another UK driver nearly dies from following GPS instructions