Month: February 2011

Is Iran Stretching Too Far on the 2012 Olympics Logo?

I just saw this article:

Washington Post: Zion? 2012 Olympics logo is only offensive to good taste

Olympic Website with the London Logo
Olympic Website with the London Logo

Supposedly, Iran claims that they see the word Zion.  Personally, I don’t see it!  It makes me wonder if they are just picking another fight, looking for another chance to call for violence?  I see the Z, O and maybe the I but no N.

Maybe it would have been better for them to say something back when the logo first came out.  At this point, I think they should just put a call out to their citizens to show support for their cause and try to win in the games.  I think that would be the sportsman like thing to do.  Then, that would give them a platform for their cause.

That’s just my opinion though.

Come On, Blog, Pay for Yourself

I decided to try my hand at my own website, and I moved my WordPress blog to my own personal website hosted by Lunarpages.  I have really liked the service so far, and everything has been pretty easy to setup.

The problem is that I was counting on the website paying for itself.  I need at least $6 – $8 per month for it to pay the hosting fees charged by Lunar pages.  I was reading articles like this that claim that AdSense can easily cover those costs.  My thought was to create ads in a similar format to the GMail interface.  They have small ads on the top and a few text ads on the right.  That interface isn’t too intrusive and sometimes provides interesting ads.

Then, I read this article about Displaced Guy’s experiences.  I like the tip about being active in the community and sharing the love.  I have already found that to be true as far as building traffic on my WordPress blog.  That is how I attribute the 200 – 300 per day traffic to my PSST0101 blog — just commenting on other’s blogs and sharing the love as far as information.

From reading this article, I am begining to learn that technical topics are not the best for making money.  He mentioned the statistic of $2.14 per 1,000 visits.  If that is the case, I am looking at needing about 4,000 visits per month.  That would be about 133 visits a day.  I don’t have more than 2 months of data yet, but I am currently looking at 1300 hits and $8 of revenue.

Then, I read an article from Chase Sagum that addressed the ad blindness of technical readers.  That article suggested that Amazon ads tend to do better with technical readers.  So, I might try that.

Veera Sundar writes another article about technical readers.  I agree with his thoughts regarding placing ads only around the edges.  I really hope I don’t have to place them in the posts because I want it to look professional.  He also talks about good content and page rank.  I need to do some research to see if I can learn what my page rank is.  (I am going to try this plugin.)  Reading a little further, I found a good tip about Adsense Section Targeting.

Next, I stumbled upon an interesting series of discussions relating to Guy Kawasaki, first at Blog Republic.  That article mentions switching from a technical topic, but I want to blog about what I enjoy.  It doesn’t make sense for me to change my topic!  Chris Anderson’s article appears to be one of the big articles in these discussions, and here is the original post that started it all.

Writing for your wealth discusses more about technical readers.  Again, the suggestion is to switch topics, but kind of ruins the fun (which is important to me).  The article does point out the AdWords Keyword Tool, which might be a little helpful.

The I’d Rather Be Writing seemed to experience the same thing that I am seeing.  After only a month, he only earned $8.53.  I thought it was interesting that mentioned Guy Kawasaki making more money off his blog.  Anyway, his take on the solution was to switch from AdSense.  I did click through to John Chow, and he did have some encouraging advice: “don’t quit”.

Finally, since some of the articles suggested trying something other than AdSense, this article was interesting.  The Kontera option looks like it might be a good option.

So, this is a lot of rambling and not many answers here.  Can anyone add anything in the comments?  Any suggestions?  Anyone else had success with technical readers?


Fun Fact: Save Time On Your Sudoku Puzzles!

With the flash of a Google Phone, you can solve a Sudoku Puzzle!  Now, I really need a new phone!

Google Operating System: Google Goggles Solves Sudoku Puzzles

More Links:

So you can practice, I took a look in the Google App Store, and I found you an online app: Sudoku from  Or, you can go the easy route and just print one out from Web Sudoku.

What I want to know is if you use an application on your phone like Andoku, how can you take the picture of the puzzle with your phone?  Maybe I need two new phones!

Great Link: Time to defund Planned Parenthood is now – you can help

We received this email today from AFA, and I would like to extend the invitation to participate to any of my readers.  I don’t want to go into detail here, but I would love to give you some links to do your own research:

AFA: Time to defund Planned Parenthood is now – you can help


In my opinion, even if this is an isolated incident and Planned Parenthood uses none of the money on abortion, our money would still be better spent elsewhere.  From what I could see, Planned Parenthood claimed to use the money on counselling.  Can an organization in the abortion market really provide good counselling?  What about using the money to encourage and strengthen the family unit where this form of counselling should start?  What about using the money to improve the health care system to make women’s health more affordable and higher quality?

Technology: Android Revolutionizing the Cell Phone Market

Back in 2007, I commented that the Google Phone had the “potential to revolutionize the cell phone industry“.  I came across an article in InfoWorld today with proof: “AT&T to offer Wi-Fi tethering for iPhone“.  I don’t think the carriers would have done this on their own without the pushing from Android.  Before they could charge an additional bill around $60 for you to use your computer on the road in addition to your normal cell phone bill.  Why would they want to give it to you free with tethering?

Now, Google has not only packaged it feature with the phone so the carrier must offer it, but it has put pressure on others in the market.  iPhone’s offering tethering is a great sign.

To me, one of the big things that still needs to revolutionize is the price.  I found an article on HTC Phones that quotes iSuppli’s TAS saying some of the handsets cost around $175 to manufacture.  This one actually shows the parts list.  If I remember right, those phones cost between $400 and $500 to buy unlocked without a contract.  People seem to have deep pockets for the cell phone world, but I think that is holding a number of people back from going down the smart phone path.

Great Link: Communication of the Future

I remember going through the ride at Epcot in Disney Land and seeing the kids talking on video chats across the world.  Now, it is no big deal.  I have Skype on my laptop, and we chat periodically with the video.  We were just chatting with my sister in Chicago the other day.  For a while, I was turning on the video when chatting with some of my clients at work.

This article reminds me that there is more to come:

Engadget: Skype video calling coming to Android, demoed on the Droid Bionic

Soon, this sort of video chatting will be common even out and about.  I have read about cell phones with two cameras, one on the front and one on the back.  One would be for taking pictures of things to share with others and the other would be for pictures/video of ourselves.

We are just starting the information age.  Technology is exciting.  We have unbelievable amounts of information at our finger tips.  The challenge is how do we consume it and manage it in a practical and God-honoring way?