Back in 2007, I commented that the Google Phone had the “potential to revolutionize the cell phone industry“.  I came across an article in InfoWorld today with proof: “AT&T to offer Wi-Fi tethering for iPhone“.  I don’t think the carriers would have done this on their own without the pushing from Android.  Before they could charge an additional bill around $60 for you to use your computer on the road in addition to your normal cell phone bill.  Why would they want to give it to you free with tethering?

Now, Google has not only packaged it feature with the phone so the carrier must offer it, but it has put pressure on others in the market.  iPhone’s offering tethering is a great sign.

To me, one of the big things that still needs to revolutionize is the price.  I found an article on HTC Phones that quotes iSuppli’s TAS saying some of the handsets cost around $175 to manufacture.  This one actually shows the parts list.  If I remember right, those phones cost between $400 and $500 to buy unlocked without a contract.  People seem to have deep pockets for the cell phone world, but I think that is holding a number of people back from going down the smart phone path.


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