Lorraine went to get her hair highlighted yesterday because of a sign and had a nightmare of a story to tell.  After trying our best to work with the salon to come to some resolution, our only recourse is to post our story and recommend that you avoid the business!

She was in the store almost 5 hours.  They showed her a menu with highlights costing in the $65 or $85 range and charged her $220!  They accidentally laid her hair on her face and dyed her eyebrows streaks!  They soaked her back as they were washing her hair.

So, you judge.  Here’s the sign that caught Lorraine’s attention.  The colors are very dependent on the light, and the photos may be hard to tell.  Her opinion was that it looked like a little bit of a darker blonde.

This is the attempted hair style.

After their first attempt, here’s what her hair looked like:

This is the result after she got home.

Lorraine’s biggest complaint was the orange color.  Apparently, Dorene had shown her a reddish color that she was going to use.  Lorraine didn’t see any red in the sign picture that she was going for, but Dorene thought it was a darker red and it was okay.  Lorraine decided to trust her, and I’m thinking that decision caused all of the color disappointment.

As she told me her experience beyond just the color, it blew me away the more she told me.  She saw the sign on the sidewalk and walked in somewhere around 10:30am.  She didn’t get to leave until 3:11pm!  That means she skipped lunch and was late to picking up the boys from school.

Every time they washed her hair, they never put a towel down on the sink.  Instead, they set her down directly on the porcelain.  As a result, the back of her shirt was soaked.  She got to sit that way for a nice portion of the time.

At one point, they accidentally left strands of her hair being dyed sitting on her face.  It put dark streaks on her eyebrows making a tiger pattern.  To fix it, they had to dye both eyebrows so they would be the same color.

None of that is to mention the little things that bothered her the whole time.  The stylist would take brakes periodically and come in coughing making it seem like she was smoking.  Her hands were a little shaky sometime tapping her on the head with the blow dryer.  At one point, she wasn’t paying attention and left the blow dryer in one spot too long making it too hot.

The price was a HUGE miscommunication.  Lorraine went in asking for highlights thinking that the picture on the sign fell in that category.  She asked about the price, and Dorene was new and didn’t know.  She showed her a menu with highlights in the $65 and $85 range.  At the end, they rang up $220!  Because Lorraine was late, there was no time to debate what was done and the proper price.  They claim that it was “Balayage Highlights”, and those cost more.  Hearing the number of steps they went through, I can understand how it would be more.  Why wasn’t that mentioned before Lorraine made the decision to do it?

So, I went in this morning to see what we could do about the price and her disappointment.  Vini said she would fix it.  I made sure to confirm that they could finish before picking the boys up at 3pm.  I also expressed my annoyance about the price.  Vini said that Lorraine could come in my 1pm or 2pm and she could get her finished by 3pm.

Lorraine got there at 1pm and she barely made it out of there by 3pm.  The orange color isn’t gone.  I think it is almost more orange now, but it depends on the light.

Vini maintains that since she attempted to fix it, she shouldn’t give us any money back.  After about 30 minutes of arguing she offered maybe $30 back, but she didn’t sound sure about it.  I was done arguing and decided it was better just to spread the word so others don’t go through this.

So, what do you think?  Are we being too picky?  Is the $200 out of line?  Should Vini given us money back?  Do you think she could have repaired the color?

One last picture … did she do the foil right, or is this a little bit much on the foil?

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