Google just realeased the +1 button where you can recommend articles to other people.  So, you should begin to see this button on my blogs.  I think I finally have it turned on everywhere.  If you see an article that helps you, or that you like, please recommended it!  If you don’t see the button, please comment and let me know so I can ad it.

Here’s what your looking for:

Google Plus One Button Highlighted on This Blog

If you want to see a list of posts that you have recommended, you can view it on your profile.  Here’s a shortcut:

Google Profile: +1 Tab

I learned from AG Beat, that you can install an extension to be able to +1 any site regardless of having a button or not.  I am still experimenting to see how it works as to showing you how many likes you have.  What I want is a statistic built into Google Analytics or some other site showing which pages are recommended more.  I found this hack that might do the trick, but I haven’t tried it yet.

If you want my technical details on how I added the button to my site, check out my post on Linux Sagas.

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