Just taking a minute to reflect on some of the things that we have learned through the birth of Clay.  Here are some of the thoughts:

  • Everyone/Every pregnancy is different
    • We heard horror stories from others (we probably told a few ourselves), but it is important to remember that those things aren’t guaranteed to happen to you.
    • We liked the book What to Expect When Your Expecting because it offered suggestions for symptoms, etc. that you might see for each month, but they were just suggestions.
    • Even between siblings, the pregnancies were different.  Problems we had with Kent we didn’t have with Clay.
  • Enjoy every moment
    • Despite the frustration and annoyances, time flies faster than you think.  Things change fast.  You don’t want to let the wishing you will get past the annoying parts make you miss the fun parts.
    • I believe God knew what he was doing having infants sleep most of the time.  If they came out running around getting into everything, we wouldn’t be ready.  But, they slowly ease into that stage.
  • Don’t forget Google.
    • I had co-workers asking me if we had checked the Internet for solutions to problems we were going through.  I would say that sort of thing isn’t out there, but sure enough they would find tips and tricks.
  • Family, Church, and Friends are invaluable
    • I don’t know what we would do without all of the help that we have had.
    • Talking with others who have just been through the same thing always helps.  Everyone has a different perspective, and you can glean ideas and take what works, leave what doesn’t.


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