I ran across an interesting link on  Engadget about Google Maps adding their old Street View images.  It’s a pretty cool feature.  Check it out.  Here’s what it looks like around our neck of the woods…

When you go into Street View, you can see the history icon near the address:

Street View History Option


At this location, you can see that the building here has been torn down.  That’s what it has looked like since 2011.

Street View as of 2011


But, when you click the new History button, you can select old views of the same location.  Here, you can select a view from 2008.

Street View - selecting date for images

Back in 2008, you can see the building that was there:

Google Street View -- view with building in it


Now, if you want to see a better place to look at history, you can check out the Google lawn where the Android statues are.  You can see lots of history dating back to before the statues where there all the way through the different versions getting added to the lawn.

Android Statues and Street View History



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