Weeks ago, this post seemed to be spreading across Facebook:

Our Pastor has never pastored a church through a pandemic before.

When he opens, people are going to say he should have closed. When he closes, people are going to say he should have opened.

When he does not shake hands, people are going to say he needs faith. When he shakes hands, people are going to say he’s foolish.

He’s going to make some difficult decisions to protect the flock considering everything from your spiritual growth to legal liabilities that you aren’t even thinking about.

Every Pastor believes that they pastor the most amazing group of people and wants to do what’s best for them.

No one wants things to go well at church as much as your Pastor. Your Pastor needs your prayers and support right now.

I love this thought and reminder. We need to be careful with our critical thoughts even if a pastor is wrong. This is uncharted territory, and he most needs grace and prayer.

Equally as important, this is uncharted territory for just about everyone. We need to extend this same thought to so many types of people.

Our president certainly applies. He has never led a country through a pandemic. He will get analyzed and criticized for every little decision made and word spoken. If he opens the country, people will complain. If he closes the country, people will complain. I believe he deserves the benefit of the doubt that he has the best interest of the country at heart. His legacy is at stake here, and surely people will be talking about these decisions long after he has left this Earth.

Our teachers have never managed a classroom through a pandemic before. For most, these are new technologies that they have never had to use before. There was no class in college for how to teach second graders through a pandemic. If they assign too much work, kids and parents will complain. If they don’t assign enough work, parents will be unhappy. I know they feel the weight of their class’s success on their shoulders.

Our business owners and leaders have never had to run a business through a pandemic. If they force their employees to wear a mask, people will criticize. If they don’t make everyone wear a mask, people will criticize. Deciding what is an essential business is challenging and will most likely end in unfair decisions.

Our family members have never lived through a pandemic. Our spouse has never had to make such decisions about work and providing for the family like this. Even going to the grocery store is a different decision in these days. Our kids have never had to focus on learning outside the classroom like this. Of all people, the ones we are cooped up with during this time need our grace!

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