It looks like the rules requiring you to turn everything off while your airplane takes off is getting overturned!  Yipee!

Here’s the source:

This makes a lot of sense to me.  Telling someone they can’t use a device because it may interfere with the plane and cause safety issues is like telling a hacker that pushing a button might break a website.  You can make laws and post someone to watch all website users, but it’s never as good as just fixing the button.  With the airplanes, we are finally fixing the planes so that the electronics don’t interfere anymore.

According to Delta’s FAQ on their website, they already have everything in place.  The new rule started Nov. 1st.  I tried searching on a couple of other airlines, and I didn’t see any news of their date.  I didn’t search too long though.

According to CNN:

The prohibition against using cell phones for voice calls remains in effect because that matter is in the domain of the Federal Communications Commission.

This seems like the next logical step.  Can we harden the planes against cell phones?  Maybe one thing at a time.


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