Great Link: Germ-Resistance for Phones

This article caught my attention the other day: Driod Life: Corning Unveils AntiMicrobial Glass For the Germaphobe in All of Us

If you’ve ever shared your phone with a younger relative and watched him pull his fingers out of his mouth to slide them across your phone’s screen, you’ll appreciate this new invention.  We do everything with our hands which means we pick up germs everywhere with our hands.  Then, our phone collects them all!

For more information, you can read Corning’s official news release: Corning: Corning Unveils World’s First Antimicrobial Cover Glass

I had always thought of Corning as cookware, but they seem to be revolutionizing our world!  Check out this concept video.  Talk about information at our finger tips!

Apparently, Corning has sold off it’s cookware division maintaining only a small interest in it.  You can read more about the company here:  Wikipedia: Corning Inc.

Annual Report from WordPress

Today, I received my annual report from WordPress/Jetpack.  It’s not too impressive for this blog, but I thought I would publish it anyway.

For the complete report, view it here: Digital Eagle 2013 Year in Blogging


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Bible Study: Thanksgiving

This past Thanksgiving, I put together a quick little Sunday School lesson on the Pilgrims.  I wanted to save my notes out here in case it helps anyone.  At least maybe the links below will give you some good places to look.  Elaine Hansen Cleary’s Mayflower was the most help in imagining and understanding the Pilgrim’s story.


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Electronic Devices on Takeoff — Finally

It looks like the rules requiring you to turn everything off while your airplane takes off is getting overturned!  Yipee!

Here’s the source:

This makes a lot of sense to me.  Telling someone they can’t use a device because it may interfere with the plane and cause safety issues is like telling a hacker that pushing a button might break a website.  You can make laws and post someone to watch all website users, but it’s never as good as just fixing the button.  With the airplanes, we are finally fixing the planes so that the electronics don’t interfere anymore.

According to Delta’s FAQ on their website, they already have everything in place.  The new rule started Nov. 1st.  I tried searching on a couple of other airlines, and I didn’t see any news of their date.  I didn’t search too long though.

According to CNN:

The prohibition against using cell phones for voice calls remains in effect because that matter is in the domain of the Federal Communications Commission.

This seems like the next logical step.  Can we harden the planes against cell phones?  Maybe one thing at a time.

Is Google Glass a Distraction?

I ran into this article just recently:

Los Angeles Times: Driver cited for wearing Google Glass may be first in California

I haven’t researched it at all, but it doesn’t make sense to me.  Maybe there was more to the citation than just the fact the she was wearing the glasses.  Maybe she was driving recklessly or showing signs of distraction.

To me, I would think that looking at a paper map and trying to fold it correctly would be more distraction than using a digital map with a GPS.  I would think that looking at Google Glass would be less distraction even than a GPS device because it would be less distance from the road where the driver should be looking.  With that logic, I don’t think using Google Glass and driving should necessarily be discouraged.

The article cited “California Vehicle Code 27602 that makes it illegal to ‘drive a motor vehicle if a television receiver, a video monitor, or a television or video screen, or any other means of visually displaying a television broadcast or video signal that produces entertainment or business applications is operating and is located in the motor vehicle at a point forward of the back of the driver’s seat, or is operating and the monitor, screen, or display is visible to the driver while driving the motor vehicle.’”

I think that law would be hard to enforce.  Where does a GPS device fit into that?  Are we not allowed to drive with digital maps?  I don’t know about California police cars, but the Florida police cars I have seen have laptops mounted in the front seat.  Those can produce  “entertainment”, and they are surely designed for “business applications”.

I my opinion, legislating that a driver not get distracted is very difficult to do.  I think  we have to call on each person’s integrity to drive in a safe manner.  As portable electronics get more and more popular, this personal integrity is going to get more and more important.

Thoughts: Gun Control or Family Encouragement

The shooting in the Navy Yard seems to have brought up the Gun Control issues again, at least according to this article:

The Washington Post: After Navy Yard shooting, relatives of victims of other mass shootings again lobby Congress

Can I add my thoughts?

First, I think we all need to be careful about using these painful events as political leverage.  We should check our motives.  Are we truly wanting to keep this from happening again, or are we capitalizing on the emotion of the people to get a law passed?

Second, we can’t depend on Government to fix everything.  It’s easy to think that the more society advances, the more government can bring us to Utopia.  We forget about sin.  While laws can prevent bad things, they can also give criminals loopholes.

Just as an example, what about the mental health issues?  Should we make allowances to institutionalize anyone with a mental condition to keep society safe?  If so, what would prevent a husband from claiming his wife is mentally unstable and locking her up to get rid of her?

I ran across this article a while back that suggested that it wasn’t the guns used, but several other factors:


I wonder if true family support would make a difference.  How many of these situations were caused by people who come from broken families?  God’s way is that a mother and a father take an active role and responsibility in raising kids to live a healthy life style.  Is it possible that the decline in the traditional family is responsible for the rise in senseless acts of violence?

If we could have an affect on preventing the next senseless crime, I would guess encouraging families would help more than any law we could write.


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Great Link: You never know who’s watching!

I ran across this great article today:

The Washington Post: Closed NJ store’s camera catches 4 college football players in act of honesty

In summary, some college-age guys had the opportunity to rob a store but instead paid for their merchandise when no one was looking.  The security camera caught it, and the store rewarded them for their honesty with gift cards.

I thought the article was great for two reasons.  First, I want to add my applause to their integrity.  And, I think it is great that the store took the effort to notice and thank the boys.  It had to take some effort to watch the tape and figure out who they were.  We tend to hold sports figures as heroes, and we need to encourage them to be good heroes and roll models.

Second, this serves as a good reminder that you never know who is watching you.  It may be a friend or enemy standing off in the distance that we are unknowingly influencing.  It may be a security camera as in this case.  It may only be God.  In any case, our integrity, honesty, and character counts.  Don’t let the secret watchers down even if the only watcher is God.

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Fun Fact: Bright House, I am leaving you for a Loon!

I ran across Project Loon today.  Is it possibly the future of Internet Connectivity?

Just recently, we received a call from Bright House offering an upgrade on our Internet.  It was only a little more a each month.  The catch is that our bill had just gone up for no apparent reason, and come to find out, we had were on a promotion that had just expired.  Whatever this person was going sell (They were really a telemarketer working on behalf of Bright House), was going to expire so that even if it didn’t cost us any extra now, it would 6 months or a year from now.

It just seems like as technology improves, more people get involved, and we get more options (like cell phones and land lines), the price of the Internet should decrease.  Maybe project Loon could change the rising price trend.

Project Loon is a project to use high altitude balloons to carry Internet relay points and provide Internet access across a wide area of the ground.  It would seem that this concept would be cheaper than running copper or fiber to each household and business in an area.  It would also be cheaper than going through a rocket launch to place a satellite in orbit.

Here’s a really nice overview of their project:

The inspiration behind Loon:

Other similar projects

Space Data: According to Wikipedia, Google had considered purchasing a company called Space Data.  From their website, it looks like they already have a functioning high altitude balloon network working in the United States.

Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility: NASA has a facility that has been using similar balloons for research since 1961.

ARHAB: Many different explorers and enthusiasts have dabbled with the balloons.  The group’s website suggests that this is “the poor mans space program”.  Ralph Wallio is one of the pioneers.  For example, one such organization is the California Near Space Project.

Other Uses

While Internet may be their stated goal, I couldn’t help but imagine what else could come of this.  If Google built a network around the globe of these balloons, they could put cameras on the balloons and take satellite imagery of the earth.  Would Google Maps update more often?  Also, could Google provide data about weather patterns and such?


April Fools 2013 in Review

Google’s April Fools

I think Google Nose is my favorite.  The video is well done and made me laugh.

YouTube Contest

Google Treasure Maps

GMail Blue

Google Fiber has been a target a couple of times for April Fools.  So, here’s this year’s: Google Fiber at the Pole


Their animalia line of products had some creative laughs in it:

White House


Twitter’s announcement about charging for vowels was very creative.

Death Star Trench Toss

For Star Wars, this trench toss game might be a hit:

AdaFruit Write-Only Drive

This probably deserved a video.  You could have a lot of fun with a write-only drive:

adafruit: NEW PRODUCT – Cygnus X-1 Write Only Drive

Basket Weaving

This basket weaving course was pretty well done:

Da Vinci

This funny claim that Da Vinci first thought up the Google Glass project was appropriate since my son just got done reading a book about him.

Math Shadow

This math class shadow is old, but I hadn’t run across it before.  It was very clever and funny:


If that’s not enough, you can check out the hall of fame for pranks:

ABC News: The Top April Fools’s Day Hoaxes


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Thoughts on Chavez and a Nuclear North Korea


In recent news, the world political scene has been changing.  Just recently, we learned of Venezuela’s Chavez’s death.  That brings uncertainty to the country and rest of the world hopes that new leadership will benefit the country.  On the other hand, North Korea just went through a similar loss of a leader when Kim Jong-Un succeeded Kim Jong-il after his death.  With the recent threats of nuclear attacks, I’m not sure that the change made much difference.

Here are just a few of the articles I found:

So, I thought that I would do a little brainstorming on the events and what the Bible might have to say about them.


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