Great Link: Supersonic Sub

August 29, 2014 Edit

I ran across this article talking about technology being developed to attempt to take subs at a supersonic speed. Engadget: Supersonic subs look to cross the Pacific in under two hours This sounds really cool and all, but what happens when you hit a blue whale at supersonic speeds?  Airplanes have enough to worry about with […]

Great Link: Growable Bike

August 28, 2014 Edit

I ran across this really cool idea of a bike that grows with you.  It starts as a walking bike to teach the kids balance.  Then, you can reassemble it to make a regular toddler bike with peddles.    Check out the article and pictures: Engadget: As your kid grows, this bike will transform to fit […]

Thoughts on Robin Williams

August 22, 2014 Edit

The Internet news has been a buzz with the news of Robin Williams death.  My heart goes out to his family and I pray that God gives them comfort in this time of tragedy. The news is reporting that Williams’ suicide was largely due to depression: A despondent Robin Williams spent 18 hours a day […]

Response/Bible Study: Digital Tattoo

July 23, 2014 Edit

I ran across this article describing a digital tattoo: Engadget: You can now unlock your Motorola phone with a ‘digital tattoo’ For those of you who know your Bible, does this scare you?  Does it sound like something from Revelation? Revelation 13:16  — And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free […]

Great Link: Adding Google Reminders

July 22, 2014 Edit

As I was reading through the blog posts, I found this great tip: Google Operating System: Create Reminders in Google Search You can read the official instructions on Google’s site: Reminders in Google Now If you just want to learn more about Google Now, here’s the official site: Google Now

Great Link: Exploring Underwater

July 14, 2014 Edit

I across this link today: Engadget: The Big Picture: Filming 360-degree video of the Aquarius underwater Reef Base The cool part is that Time has a video that you interact with.  It’s a 360-degree video and you can scroll around and control the viewing angle as the video plays.  It’s a unique way to present […]

Great Link: Downloading Auto Awesome Tip

June 25, 2014 Edit

This is more of a bookmark than anything else.  Here’s a great tip on downloading and backing up all of your Auto Awesome photos. Google Operating System: How to Download Auto Awesome Photos

Great Link: Lightning Detector

June 24, 2014 Edit

We were just talking about lightning the other day, and I ran into this article on Engadget: Engadget: Watch lightning strike around the world in real time The article is talking about the website. Lightning Map A better implementation of the map is located at: Lightning Some apps for your phone do exist, too. Apps […]

Fun Fact: Technology Can Even Change How You Learn to Ride a Bike!

June 13, 2014 Edit

I ran across this article on Engadget and realized that even training wheels are becoming Old School! Engadget: Forget training wheels: This bike balances itself Now, I had heard the the argument that training wheels don’t exactly help with balance.  They can be a crutch that you have to break away from.  We ran across balance […]

Thoughts: Are Cool and Useful Mutually Exclusive?

June 11, 2014 Edit

The other day, I saw a great article on Sten Vesterli’s Blog: Sten Vesterli’s Blog: Cool or useful? Sten makes an excellent point.  You have to see the pictures on his blog to fully understand, but the crux of the matter is this: If you are going to be handling controls while driving (whether at 55 […]