April Fools 2016

April 2, 2016 Edit

Each year, I enjoy the jokes that the companies put out on the Internet.  Here’s my list… Google Cardboard Plastic I think this is my favorite joke: Google Cardboard Plastic Useless Light Switch I need to get this light switch for the boys since they are always leaving the lights on. ThinkGeek: Useless Light Switch […]

Where’s Bin Laden’s Faith?

March 28, 2016 Edit

I came across this article the other day: Fox News: Bin Laden claimed $29M fortune, wanted it used ‘on jihad’ This quote caught my attention: “If I am to be killed,” he wrote in a 2008 letter to his father, “pray for me a lot and give continuous charities in my name, as I will be […]

Photo Challenge: Mystery Caterpillar

June 4, 2015 Edit

Can anyone identify this caterpillar?  We found it crawling on the car window. Kent is going to research with Gram and post his findings.  Can you beat him? Here’s what Kent (He’s 9 years old the time of this writing) found out…

Great Link: Supersonic Sub

August 29, 2014 Edit

I ran across this article talking about technology being developed to attempt to take subs at a supersonic speed. Engadget: Supersonic subs look to cross the Pacific in under two hours This sounds really cool and all, but what happens when you hit a blue whale at supersonic speeds?  Airplanes have enough to worry about with […]

Great Link: Growable Bike

August 28, 2014 Edit

I ran across this really cool idea of a bike that grows with you.  It starts as a walking bike to teach the kids balance.  Then, you can reassemble it to make a regular toddler bike with peddles.    Check out the article and pictures: Engadget: As your kid grows, this bike will transform to fit […]

Thoughts on Robin Williams

August 22, 2014 Edit

The Internet news has been a buzz with the news of Robin Williams death.  My heart goes out to his family and I pray that God gives them comfort in this time of tragedy. The news is reporting that Williams’ suicide was largely due to depression: A despondent Robin Williams spent 18 hours a day […]

Response/Bible Study: Digital Tattoo

July 23, 2014 Edit

I ran across this article describing a digital tattoo: Engadget: You can now unlock your Motorola phone with a ‘digital tattoo’ For those of you who know your Bible, does this scare you?  Does it sound like something from Revelation? Revelation 13:16  — And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free […]

Great Link: Adding Google Reminders

July 22, 2014 Edit

As I was reading through the blog posts, I found this great tip: Google Operating System: Create Reminders in Google Search You can read the official instructions on Google’s site: Reminders in Google Now If you just want to learn more about Google Now, here’s the official site: Google Now

Great Link: Exploring Underwater

July 14, 2014 Edit

I across this link today: Engadget: The Big Picture: Filming 360-degree video of the Aquarius underwater Reef Base The cool part is that Time has a video that you interact with.  It’s a 360-degree video and you can scroll around and control the viewing angle as the video plays.  It’s a unique way to present […]

Great Link: Downloading Auto Awesome Tip

June 25, 2014 Edit

This is more of a bookmark than anything else.  Here’s a great tip on downloading and backing up all of your Auto Awesome photos. Google Operating System: How to Download Auto Awesome Photos