According to Infoworld, Japanese cell phones may warn people of earthquakes by 2008. Apparently, the Japanese government is going to feed the warnings to cellphone companies, which would then send the warning out to its subscribers’ phones.

This is a wonderful idea, but how about other natural disasters? In Florida, we would need warnings about hurricanes and floods. In the mid-west states, tornado warnings would save lives.  As cellphones become more and more popular, the better channel for warnings they would be.

Before I could get this published, I found this article about lightning warnings: Nokia to add lightning detector to mobile phone. Being the lightning capital or “Lightning Alley”, I think Florida would be a good marketing target!

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Becca · August 6, 2007 at 11:07 pm

They should market to Florida golfers. Seriously, golfers do not have enough must-have cool gadgets to separate the posers from the elite golfers the way those cool fish-locater gadgets do for fishers. The lighting-detector phone could be the new fish-locater of golf junkies!

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