Now is the information age. We have access to plenty of information, but can we harvest it? News companies and websites are spewing information on current events, and bloggers are adding their personal treasures as well. But, visiting every one of the websites on the Internet to check for new information would be impossible.

The key is tools. Google News gathers all of the news and allows you to see all of the information in one place. Another tool that helps, particularly with blogs or anything with an RSS feed, is Google Reader. Google Reader will take each post or item on the feed and place it in a list keeping track of whether or not you have read it. The best part is all of the blogs and information is gathered into one place and organized.

Here is what Google Reader looks like:

When you are on a blog, just look for the feed link. You can also just copy the URL or the address of the page, and the Reader will probably find the feed for you. When you do a Google search, web, news, image, etc, you can copy the feed from the bottom of the search list and the Reader will tell you if a new item shows up in the search.

There are probably other tools out there — please comment if you have another that you like.


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