In light of my sister’s experience with the airlines, this article caught my eye. Jeff Nolan points to an article, Double trouble: DVT a small, but serious risk, which lists (toward the middle of the article) several flights that required passengers to wait unreasonable amounts of time on the tarmac.

Camera Phones

I love the picture on this article.

Matchbox Cars

I learned from Jeff Nolan that Jack Odell is the man behind the Matchbox cars. Apparently, he passed away on July 7th.

Wikipedia on Matchbox Toys

Wikipedia on Jack Odell

Times Online Obituary

Professional Blogging

Since I had just blogged about this site, the article caught my attention.

Actual Article

Found it through manalang

The Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine allows you to see history of a page. I found this in an article using it to document the history of Google’s search page.  They need to add an RSS feed so that you can get notified when someone updates their page!

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