I just came across this article:

Relational database pioneer says technology is obsolete

Are we really ready to call relational database’s “legacy technology”? My first reaction is that column-oriented will only ever be niche software. The article points out that data can be read faster because the columns are together, but what about writing the data? I would think that while data may be accessed by the column, data would be written by the row. So, I would guess that column databases fit well in the data-warehouse niche, but for day-to-day transactional data, we are still going to use relational databases.

Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to work with such a database so that I can have more than just a first reaction.


The most interesting thing to me about the article is the mentioning of BigTable. BigTable is the database that Google uses. Here are some more links on BigTable:

Google Research Publication: BigTable

Wikipedia: BigTable

Jeff Dean in lecture at University of Washington

Apache Hadoop

My next question was, I wonder if Google releases the code for BigTable. The best answer that I could find came from Wikipedia: project Hadoop/project HBase.

Hadoop is part of Apache Lucene.

Wikipedia: Hadoop

Wikipedia: Lucene

Apache Lucene

Hadoop Project

Hadoop FAQ

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