Last Friday, Electronista claimed that the Google phone would be announced in two weeks. Does that mean that now it will be announced in one week?

Google phone just two weeks away

At the time, my Google news feed had listed three or four articles with a similar title. But, I haven’t seen any articles this week that say Google phone one week away. Is the announcement canceled, or did no one like the title?

Grand Central

Several articles have mentioned the company Andriod that Google acquired such as the article 10 Questions and Answers about Google Phone.  What about Grand Central?  Is it possible that Google purchased Grand Central to integrate into the Google Phone?


The most exciting thing about the Google Phone idea is the potential to revolutionize the cell phone industry.  When Google came out with Gmail, it changed web mail in general.  Before Gmail came out, the web mail accounts were very limited in storage space, but now, the other competitors have change their products to meet and even exceed.  See Gmail, the Top Web Mail Service with the Least Amount of Free Storage and Microsoft trumps Google on free e-mail storage limit.

Now, consider the other cell phone players.  They traditionally lock their customers into contracts and force them to pay extra for features that probably should be included.  See Grip Line’s Verizon Locks Out a Spectrum of Features.  Hopefully, Google does create a phone and forces the others to make standard some of the openness we take for granted in the Internet world.

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