InfoWorld asked the question, Low-cost laptops are great, but who will pay? Can I suggest an answer?

I think the Church should pay some of the cost and should take part in the distribution of the laptops. It makes perfect sense for two reasons:

  1. The Bible instructs us to take care of the poor — doesn’t only mean giving money.
  2. The Bible instructs us to spread the gospel — the laptop can be used as a tool to do so.

Think of the story about the lame man asking alms of Peter. Peter says that he has no money to give, but he does have the healing power of Jesus. With that, the lame man was healed, which was better for him than money or food. This allowed the man to work for himself and earn his own keep. (Acts 3:1-8)

One aspect of spreading the gospel is education. How can you read the Bible for yourself if you can’t read? With a laptop geared toward education, the laptop would aid the people in learning about God for themselves.

Finally, the Church already has some means of distribution. Most churches support missionaries in other countries. They already send “support” to them to allow them to spread the gospel. Many missionaries have secular ministries that help them reach the people such as schools and medical clinics. Churches could simply send laptops with the desks and other classroom supplies to those missionaries who have the schools.


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