Gas stations in the Netherlands may soon see robots pumping their gas! Read about it here:

Gas-pumping robot: what could go wrong?

If you let your imagination run, you can have a little fun:

Should they have a tip jar to the robot so that you can tip him?

What if the database gets messed up by a virus and the robot thinks the car is a SUV when it is really a station wagon. The robot, then, sticks his nozzle through the window and begins filling the toddler’s car seat up with gas. How do you get it to stop much less pay for the window?

I can see it now: the infamous lug nut virus. This virus causes the robot to use the same arm that unscrews the gas cap to remove the lug nuts while the motorists are not looking.

Or, the grafiti virus would cause the robot to scratch lots of fun messages on cars. It is actually the destructive version of the “clean your car” virus which just writes by wiping off the dust on dirty cars.

Please post more ideas, and let’s have some fun with this. (I don’t mean to poke fun at the inventors, though — it is really a great idea, and I hope it works.)


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