Last year, I was a little late with the April Fool’s day post, but this year I hope to post it in a more timely fashion.

The Google Operating System blog posted an article about some of Google’s April Fool’s Day jokes. I think I like the gDay one the best. Google got me with the “New! Gmail custom time” link!

The post also pointed to a Wikipedia article about Google’s past jokes. The Google TiSP was hilarious to me; check it out.

Wired published a top 10 list of jokes. I like the “Just another windows-related crash.”, but that is only because I wasn’t part of the $3 billion lost.

Musuem of Hoaxes has a top 100 list of jokes.  The Taco Liberty Bell, Spaghetti growing on trees, Sid Finch learning to pitch baseball at a monastery, the left handed whopper are all part of the list.

One project I have been following is Haiku, a new operating system. They posted a small April Fool’s Day joke! According to them, they have overtaken Google and renamed Google Summer of Code to Summer of Assembler Poetry!

Airlines joined the ranks of the jokers by offering to allow passengers to upgrade for $12 to a seat in the overhead bins.


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