I have finally started to see the first Google phone released.  I am a little disappointed at this point.  I thought there was going to be more competition, but I am not seeing very much.

From Google Operating System, I learned a little about the phone:

  • The price is around $200 – $400 (article cited).  This doesn’t seem too bad, but the sad part is that they require a 2-year contract.  That seems to be normal for cell phone contracts, but I thought the Google phone was supposed to be different — more open.
  • The Google services looks great.  I use most of the services listed, and it would be nice to have access to those anywhere.  My biggest request of a smart phone, would be to help me keep organized, and these tools would do it.
  • The GPS in conjunction with Google maps would be great.

It is locked into the T-Mobile network.  Where are the options?

On another note, I saw some news about M2Z Networks trying to create a free cell phone network.  This would be great if we could get the Google phone on that network!  I thought was interesting that T-Mobile was cited as one of the main ones against it.


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