We came home from vacation to find a puddle in the driver’s side floorboard of our RX300.  So, I did a little searching on the Internet to see if I could find a solution.  Believe it or not, it sounds like a common problem.

Apparently, the sun roof has like a drain pan to catch leaks.  The pan has two drains to let the water drain out without causing a problem.  Well, one of our drains was clogged with dirt, and that was causing it to leak out inside the car rather that through those drains.

To fix the problem, I opened the sun roof and located the drains.  I will post pictures below, but it was pretty obvious.  Ours had dirt/mud blocking the opening so I knew that was the problem.  I used a paper towel to try to wipe up as much of the dirt and stuff around the area, but then I used a toothpick to clean the mud away from the opening.  Finally, I slowly dumped a cup of water into the pan to make sure the water flowed out the drain.  I did it on each side and found a puddle of water by each of the front tires.

I read about people using compressors to blow the blockage out of the drains.  I didn’t need to go that far.

Here are the posts that helped me solve the problem:

Here are the pictures of the drain:


Here is a closer picture so you can see it:



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