I enjoy the silly stuff that people have been doing on the Internet.  I don’t like the stuff that hurts someone, but the ones that just make you laugh are fun.  Here are my favorite ones so far this year.  I found them from here.  Please comment your favorites.

Gmail Motion: Can you imagine someone in a business conference room doing those motions to send an email?!?  Also, check out the motions for Google Docs.

Complex Numbers in Math Class: This video was hilarious.  I love the switching browsers part!

The Hulu site makes you appreciate how far we have come in the Internet age.  I like the “Best viewed in Netscape Navigator” and the copyright 1996 at the bottom.

This minecraft store is pretty silly.  Start to purchase something, and see if you can get to the point to put your credit card in.

I like the Ad Blocking Glasses.

The origami golf ball instructions are hilarious.

The nuclear launch codes are kind of silly.

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