Why can’t I just copy any ‘ol image and paste it in here to spice up my posts?  Well, I think the Golden Rule applies here.  If I had taken this great picture of sliced bread that I was very proud of, I wouldn’t want someone else publishing it to people who would have otherwise paid me a million dollars for it.  That is the whole point of copyrights — to protect the photographer from someone else taking his work.

But, it seems like everyone is doing it!  Where are people getting these pictures and how are they allowed to use them?  I think my problem is just that I don’t know the rules completely.  If anyone has any tips, please share!

Well today I ran across this article from Photo Attorney.  It had lots of great links, and it pointed out the Fair Use rule.  I am in no position to educate you on how that works, but I can list some of the links so you can read it for yourself:



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