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I ran across this Tesla Model S article today on Engadget:

Tesla Model S test ride and factory tour (video)

The car is very impressive!  Make sure you check out the videos.  Be careful though.  This may give cause you to want a new car!

The electric engine is pretty cool to me.  They were going over a 100MPH, and the car was very quiet and smooth.  They didn’t mention it, but the thing that I like is a more simplified engine.  I would assume that there are no oil changes, etc.  Also, I was thinking that an electric engine would have equal power no matter what speed you are going.  If you care about tickets, you won’t care about going 100MPH, but you will probably care about being able to accelerate around a slow car on the Interstate.

The interior screens were the most impressive to me!  Watching him adjust the different settings on a touch screen like that was very, very cool.  That’s what I have been wanting in my car for a long time.  I want the same experience that I have on my laptop or phone in my car.  We have the technology to do it, but we just haven’t applied it to our cars.

The other thing that caught my eye was the smartphone stuff.  I watched a guy one time in Minnesota start his car remotely as he walked through the airport.  Since it was the middle of January, that was an amazing feature to be able to walk into a pre-heated car.  Having smartphone access to your car is even better!  You can see the charge on your car, adjust the air temperature, etc.

So, now back to reality.  How long will it take before I can see all these features on my car?!


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