One of the things I wanted when switching to a new host was for my site to load faster.  The hosts all claimed they were faster, and I think I even had one of the Sales people tell me that my site would speed up after I switched.  So, I decided to run some tests and compare …

I tested using  I ran the test before my site moved.  And, I ran the test again today on the new host.  Here are the results…

On the homepage:

  • Lunarpages (before): 2.174s
  • Web Hosting Hub (after): 1.229s


  • Lunarpages: 8.940s
  • Web Hosting Hub: 5.594s


  • Lunarpages: 7.589s
  • Web Hosting Hub: 3.804s

So, it looks like my site sped up by a decent amount.  I wish that I could get these kind of stats before I signed up for a web site.

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