We’re getting closer to the Jetsons every day!  Flying cars are something I only thought of as science fiction, but it looks like Terrafugia might be working toward making them a reality.

I saw this article with some nice pictures of the Terrafugia Transition.  They do a good job of pointing out that it is really a plane that is street legal.  Check out the blind spots on that thing!  Driving a $250,000 piece of machinery is a scary thought in some places, too.

Engadget: Terrafugia Transition aircraft first hands-on

If you want to see more or sign up for one, you can check out Terrafugia’s own website:

Terrafugia Website

To me, this is the perfect plane for something like the Sun N Fun event in our neck of the woods.  Attendees could fly into the event and not have to rent a car while staying in Lakeland.  Sure, you wouldn’t want to drive around much in the airplane, but most of the activity is at the airport anyway.  Apparently, Terrafugia thought the New York car show was more import as you can read — AOPA Online: Terrafugia skips Sun ’n Fun for auto show.  It’ll be interesting to see in the next coming years if we start seeing these planes around the area during the Fly-In.


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