Google’s April Fools

I think Google Nose is my favorite.  The video is well done and made me laugh.

YouTube Contest

Google Treasure Maps

GMail Blue

Google Fiber has been a target a couple of times for April Fools.  So, here’s this year’s: Google Fiber at the Pole


Their animalia line of products had some creative laughs in it:

White House


Twitter’s announcement about charging for vowels was very creative.

Death Star Trench Toss

For Star Wars, this trench toss game might be a hit:

AdaFruit Write-Only Drive

This probably deserved a video.  You could have a lot of fun with a write-only drive:

adafruit: NEW PRODUCT – Cygnus X-1 Write Only Drive

Basket Weaving

This basket weaving course was pretty well done:

Da Vinci

This funny claim that Da Vinci first thought up the Google Glass project was appropriate since my son just got done reading a book about him.

Math Shadow

This math class shadow is old, but I hadn’t run across it before.  It was very clever and funny:


If that’s not enough, you can check out the hall of fame for pranks:

ABC News: The Top April Fools’s Day Hoaxes



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