I ran across this great article today:

The Washington Post: Closed NJ store’s camera catches 4 college football players in act of honesty

In summary, some college-age guys had the opportunity to rob a store but instead paid for their merchandise when no one was looking.  The security camera caught it, and the store rewarded them for their honesty with gift cards.

I thought the article was great for two reasons.  First, I want to add my applause to their integrity.  And, I think it is great that the store took the effort to notice and thank the boys.  It had to take some effort to watch the tape and figure out who they were.  We tend to hold sports figures as heroes, and we need to encourage them to be good heroes and roll models.

Second, this serves as a good reminder that you never know who is watching you.  It may be a friend or enemy standing off in the distance that we are unknowingly influencing.  It may be a security camera as in this case.  It may only be God.  In any case, our integrity, honesty, and character counts.  Don’t let the secret watchers down even if the only watcher is God.


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