The shooting in the Navy Yard seems to have brought up the Gun Control issues again, at least according to this article:

The Washington Post: After Navy Yard shooting, relatives of victims of other mass shootings again lobby Congress

Can I add my thoughts?

First, I think we all need to be careful about using these painful events as political leverage.  We should check our motives.  Are we truly wanting to keep this from happening again, or are we capitalizing on the emotion of the people to get a law passed?

Second, we can’t depend on Government to fix everything.  It’s easy to think that the more society advances, the more government can bring us to Utopia.  We forget about sin.  While laws can prevent bad things, they can also give criminals loopholes.

Just as an example, what about the mental health issues?  Should we make allowances to institutionalize anyone with a mental condition to keep society safe?  If so, what would prevent a husband from claiming his wife is mentally unstable and locking her up to get rid of her?

I ran across this article a while back that suggested that it wasn’t the guns used, but several other factors:


I wonder if true family support would make a difference.  How many of these situations were caused by people who come from broken families?  God’s way is that a mother and a father take an active role and responsibility in raising kids to live a healthy life style.  Is it possible that the decline in the traditional family is responsible for the rise in senseless acts of violence?

If we could have an affect on preventing the next senseless crime, I would guess encouraging families would help more than any law we could write.



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