This article caught my attention the other day: Driod Life: Corning Unveils AntiMicrobial Glass For the Germaphobe in All of Us

If you’ve ever shared your phone with a younger relative and watched him pull his fingers out of his mouth to slide them across your phone’s screen, you’ll appreciate this new invention.  We do everything with our hands which means we pick up germs everywhere with our hands.  Then, our phone collects them all!

For more information, you can read Corning’s official news release: Corning: Corning Unveils World’s First Antimicrobial Cover Glass

I had always thought of Corning as cookware, but they seem to be revolutionizing our world!  Check out this concept video.  Talk about information at our finger tips!

Apparently, Corning has sold off it’s cookware division maintaining only a small interest in it.  You can read more about the company here:  Wikipedia: Corning Inc.


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