April Fools 2013 in Review

Google’s April Fools I think Google Nose is my favorite.  The video is well done and made me laugh. YouTube Contest Google Treasure Maps GMail Blue Google Fiber has been a target a couple of times for April Fools.  So, here’s this year’s: Google Fiber at the Pole Sony Their animalia line Read more…

Thoughts on Chavez and a Nuclear North Korea

In recent news, the world political scene has been changing.  Just recently, we learned of Venezuela’s Chavez’s death.  That brings uncertainty to the country and rest of the world hopes that new leadership will benefit the country.  On the other hand, North Korea just went through a similar loss of a leader when Kim Jong-Un succeeded Kim Jong-il after his death.  With the recent threats of nuclear attacks, I’m not sure that the change made much difference.

Here are just a few of the articles I found:

So, I thought that I would do a little brainstorming on the events and what the Bible might have to say about them.